Board and Staff

Our Dedicated, Passionate and Committed Board of Directors

The Tri-County Respite Care Service, Inc’s Board of Directors is the governing body of our organization. The Directors are responsible for overseeing the organizations activities. Board members meet quarterly to discuss and vote on affairs of the organization. They have innovative ideas, compassion for others, and an infectious passion for our organization’s mission and vision.

Our helpful office staff

Tri-County Respite Care Service, Inc. has a dedicated office staff that prides themselves in providing our Caregiver Families, Clients, Respite Care Provider Staff, Vendors, Associates, and Peers with outstanding compassionate collaboration and service.

Our Dedicated Respite Care Provider Staff

Tri-County Respite Care Service, Inc. has a large Respite Care Provider staff who are dedicated, caring and always there for the Caregiver family and their clients.