Respite Care Program

Tri-County Respite Care Program. What is it?

Tri-County Respite Care Service, Inc. is committed to the concept that respite services are basic caregiver support services. Respite provides appropriate time-limited care of individuals with developmental disabilities or brain impairments and persons designated as “at risk.”

Respite provides two basic functions:

Tri-County Respite Care Service offers personalized services and support to individuals of all ages. The Respite Care staff is trained to be responsive to you and your family’s needs. The philosophy of Tri-County Respite Care Service combines the principles of mainstreaming, normalization, and self-reliance. The Tri-County Respite Care Program is designed to support the Caregivers and enhance the life of the individuals with special needs.

The Tri-County Respite Care Program Provides:

How to Get Connected


Most individuals with special needs are referred by another agency such as Alta Regional Center to Tri-County Respite Care Service. That agency determines the number of hours allowed for that person’s needs. That agency then pays Tri-County Respite Care Service directly for the services completed each month. If you are an agency referral, you can start using respite
services on the date service is authorized by their purchasing agent and the Purchase of Service (POS) is received in our office. We will then be able to schedule the first respite assignment for you.

Private Purchase:

Respite can also be purchased privately by individuals/families not otherwise eligible through the Regional Center. Our friendly office staff will complete an intake form to gather basic information from you. Please be prepared to provide the following information about the person needing the care. You will be asked his/her birth date, gender, height, weight, disabilities, siblings (under age 18), special needs, medications, diet restrictions, allergies, skill and interests, doctor’s name and telephone number and an emergency contact person. In addition, you will be asked about your family’s approach to behavioral management.

You may contact or call the office at (530)755-3500 during regular business hours or leave a message after hours letting us know the best time to reach you. If you are a private purchase, a signed private pay contract will be required prior to the start of using respite services.

Scheduling Your First Respite Services