Respite allows families to
re-focus and re-balance

The break that keeps the family from breaking.

Caring for a child or adult with developmental disabilities or an adult with brain impairment can have severe emotional and physical effects.  It can often leave caregivers feeling depressed, burned out, stressed, and tired. When caregivers need a break and a few hours to rest and renew their energy, Tri-County Respite Care Service is here to help.

It goes without saying that caregiving is a difficult job, but few know just how devastating the results can be when a family does not receive respite care. Respite care not only provides caregivers a break, but also gives the child or adult a change in his or her daily routine and provides wonderful opportunities to build new relationships. We at Tri-County Respite Care Service give you peace of mind by providing safe, caring service so you may enjoy the respite you need and the clients we serve may enjoy activities in home and in their community.

Get back to being you.

Tri-County Respite Care Service’s dedicated respite care providers gives parents and caregivers the freedom to undertake activities we often take for granted in our everyday lives: